Exhibition-presentation of agricultural machinery and equipment 2015"


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26-27th March 2015 "TST-Agro" took part in "Exhibition-presentation of agricultural machinery and equipment 2015" which was held in Saransk, republic of Mordovia. Our company presented a new easy-moving baler Lely series Welger RP 245. 
The Lely Welger RP 245 is a new stage in the development of the widely known around the world series of round balers with fixed chamber. This series has always been on the very leading edge due to its superior reliability, durability, bale density chopping quality and output. Based on vast experience bailing silage around the world, we offer RP 245, with wide, guaranteeing the best performance of the baler in any conceivable situation.
Features and benefit of Lely Welger RP 245:
• high performance thanks to the continuous flow of the picking crop;
• power saving due to the absence of cam tracking devices ( max. 80 h.p.);
• fewer moving parts because of no need in cam mechanism;
• continuous operation, eliminating the need for lubrication of moving parts.