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The products of "Raven" is an effective approach to agriculture operation, which allows to obtain a high yield of excellent quality, while reducing costs.

 "Raven" offers its customers:

- (RTK)-GLONASS/GPS automatic guidance systems for tractors and tools, specially designed for use on potatoes and vegetables.

- (RTK-)GPS/GLONASS automatic control system for grain and row crops.

- Spot spraying systems "Weed-it" to save up to 90% on herbicides with zero tillage.

- "Veris" scanning technology of soil to determine pH, organic matter content and structure, and soil type using measurements of electrical conductivity.

- Selection and analysis of soil samples and preparation of soil charts.

- Preparation of differentiated fertilizer application maps (VRA), all equipment and software for differentiated fertilizer application maps based on the charts.

- Yield monitors for grain harvesters and mapping productivity.

- Stations for monitoring local weather conditions and soil conditions, as well as software allowing to determine the optimal timing and rate of irrigation and the time of spraying against diseases.















More detailed technical information on the website: http://www.agri2.com/

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