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 “Joskin”, created in 1968, currently has become an international group, regularly supplying its high quality products to 40 countries around the world - tanks for organic fertilizers, trailers for spreading dry fertilizer, universal a/c trailers, etc., as well as a universal chassis to service all of these units.

Slurry tankers - large range of models and sizes: single, dual, and 3-axle and capacities of 2.500l – 32.000l. Option: various range of spreading tools for much better use of organic fertiliser can be added.


Dry manure or muck spreaders; single, dual and 3-axle models and capacities of 8 till 22m3 

Kippers trailers; all kind of models, sizes and for all kind of purposes.

Silage wagons; 2- or 3-axle and capacity as from 44 till 55 m3 

Drakkar - the universal transport trailers with movable rear push door; 2- or 3-axle and capacity as from 26 till 46 m3 


Cargo-Concept with a 2- or 3-axle chassis and several upper exchangeable Joskin operation tools.

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