Organic manure handling


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Organic manure handling

"TST-Agro" is your full supplier for the most effective yield improver - we suggest best European technologies,  which allows to use the organic manure at the most efficient way. 


«JOZ» Stable–alley scrapers

- Chain

- Cable

Outdoor slurry storage/lagoons from:


 - Steel   - Concrete

- Plastics    - Rooftopping                                    - Lagoons from Plastic film


«PCE» High Capacity lagoon agitators,slurry pump-systems and aplicators


- Lagoon agigator


  - Slurry pumps


- Slurry applicator

«Angus» slurry-drag hoses and hose cards





  - PCE hose card

 «Veenhuis» 1,2,3 and 4 wheel axle slurry tankers (6.000-40.000l) with various applicators


- manure tank 



- manure tank


- buffer tank



-  slurry hose system

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